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Final power amplifier - AudioLai S2-10

Final power amplifier - AudioLai S2-10


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The new AudioLai S2-10 power amplifier is a powerful, transparent, detailed amplifier with incredible musical grain.
This stereo amplifier reaches a maximum power of 1000watts with both 4ohm and 8ohm speakers, maintaining extremely low distortion; distortion that most amplifiers on the market cannot achieve.
The damping factor exceeds 500 at 1kHz and even exceeds 900 below 100Hz ensuring full control of the drivers and complete cleanliness of the low frequencies.
AudioLai S2-10 is based on advanced technology (thanks to which the temperature, voltage and current of the amplifier is continuously monitored with activation of a multi-layer alarm and protection system if the operating conditions are close to the protection limit). There is a PFC type SMPS power supply with two high power and quality class D amplifiers.


Distortion THD + N (1W/1kHz)

1000 watts X 2

0.001 %

The chipset used is one of the most advanced class D chipsets in the world, consisting of a dual-channel controller IC and two gate driver integrated circuits used in combination with external MOSFETs. All relevant protection, diagnostics and maintenance functions are integrated into the chipset.
The two channels are completely separate and with the physical layout completely identical but with the dual mono design.
The protection scheme includes pre-alarm before shutdown, precise and rapid MOSFET temperature measurement as well as temperature-compensated cycle-by-cycle current limiting.
CDC (Continuous Dead-time Compensation) adds small continuous dead-time compensation adjustments to the gate driver output timing derived from the previously measured PWM switch timing. In other words, based on the actual timing of the power stage MOSFETs, the driver will maintain the optimal timing of the complete power stage with very low distortion.

Here are the main parameters:

  • Output power: 2x1000W (4Ω), 2x1000W (8Ω)
  • Distortion THD + N (1W/1kHz) = 0.001 %
  • Minimum load impedance = 3 Ω
  • Dynamic range: 128db
  • SNR: 135db
  • Frequency response: 3hz-40Khz
  • Voltage Gain: 29.7db
  • Input impedance: 38Kohm
  • Output idle noise (A) = 38µV(A)
  • Maximum output current on both channels: 38A
  • Dimensions and weight: L430mm X D400mm X H121mm - 11Kg
  • Inputs: 2 unbalanced RCA inputs
  • Mains: Universal mains, auto select (100-240 V, 50-60 Hz)

To make the most of the potential of the AudioLai S2-10 amplifier, we recommend using the AudioLai TIF isolation transformer which reduces disturbances in the domestic electrical network to a minimum, especially if highly sensitive speakers such as the AudioLai Lura Diecici are driven.

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