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We design and build customized audio systems using high quality and efficient components to obtain audio reproduction with maximum fidelity.

AudioLai Lura FIFTEEN

DSP (Digital Signal Processor)

- Digital Crossover 8 channels



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  • Digital crossovers

    The digital crossovers are one of the main strengths of the system proposed by AudioLai. In this article we will provide an overview of digital crossovers and how they differ from passive crossovers and other types of active crossovers.

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  • Time alignment of the drivers

    This section shows how to use a UMIK-1 or UMIK-2 with Room EQ Wizard (REW) to time align the speaker drivers.

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  • Design a 3-way speaker

    Designing a 3-way loudspeaker with the help of digital crossovers and DSP, high efficiency drivers and class D amplifiers to reproduce the sound faithfully, with minimum distortion and maximum resolution.

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