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Filtered isolation transformer - AudioLai TIF

Filtered isolation transformer - AudioLai TIF


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Delivery time: 2 or 3 weeks

The AudioLai TIF is able to isolate the electrical circuit of your Hi-Fi system from the domestic electrical circuit, in this way it is possible to eliminate most of the network interference generated by any other domestic appliance or deriving directly from the electrical network.

To do this the TIF AudioLai is equipped with a 230V/230V toroidal isolation transformer with shielding between the primary and secondary circuit, the insulation between the core and the primary circuit is in LATAMID 68 H2-V0 "Nylon copolymer" and the screen is isolated between the primary and secondary circuit via a double layer of Mylar "polyethylene terephthalate".
In addition to the isolation transformer, the TIF AudioLai has an internal double-stage filtering circuit to eliminate high frequency disturbances.

The AudioLai TIF is ideal for high efficiency and sensitive Hi-Fi systems and is recommended for use with high power AudioLai amplifiers.

Final power amplifier Isolation transformer.

Different sizes of the AudioLai TIF are available depending on the absorption and wattage of the amplifiers that are connected to the system:

  • 600VA
  • 800VA
  • 1000VA
  • 1500VA

Outputs: 4 220V Schuko sockets
Dimensions: L430mm x D400 x H211mm
Mains: 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, on request we also have the 110V, 50/60Hz version

For information do not hesitate to contact our staff by email:
or by phone or whatsapp: +39 379 1635323

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