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AudioLai THE DIGITAL - DSP - Digital Crossover - DAC/ADC

AudioLai THE DIGITAL - DSP - Digital Crossover - DAC/ADC

AudioLai products are handcrafted and tested with rigor and accuracy... all this makes each product unique.

Available from SEPTEMBER 2024

AudioLai DIGITAL is the real "brain" of our LURA systems.

In collaboration with Daniel Weiss of Weiss Engineering Ltd., a leader in studio technology and world-class DSP solutions, we have designed a technologically advanced DSP that offers complete management of our systems and any other high-end hi-fi system.

Its linear and modern design hides advanced electronics inside which are capable of providing impeccable, unique sound quality.
The sound reproduced from any source enters this control unit via one of the analogue or digital inputs, and it is at this point that the signal is taken care of and treated with the utmost care as it passes through advanced filtering, where it is optimized and divided into thousands of fractions, before being sent to the amplifiers and coming out cleaned, crystal clear, precise and faithful, in short... truly and finally MUSIC for our ears.
The management of our DSP is very simple, it takes place via a web interface and is compatible with any device (PC, Mac, tablet, iPhone, Android, etc.).

The 8 analog channels output from the DAC allow you to manage linear phase crossover cuts for up to 4-way speakers and it is possible to manage the delays of each output to optimize the phase and frequency response.

The following plugins are also available:
Vinyl Emulator
The Equalizer (EQ)
The Room Equalizer
Loudness EQ
Dynamic Adaptation
The Crosstalk Cancellation (XTC)

Some of the main technical features:
Resolution: 16/24/32 Bit
Sample rate: max. 384kHz

IN: 2x analog XLR, 2x analog RCA, 1x AES/EBU, LAN, USB, SPDIF, 2x Toslink
OUT: 8-ch. analog XLR, 2x AES/EBU, 2x analog RCA (LINE Out)

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