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Lura Duetto - Open Baffle Speakers System

Lura Duetto - Open Baffle Speakers System

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AudioLai products are handcrafted and tested with rigor and accuracy... all this makes each product unique.


The Hybrid AudioLai DUETTO speakers from the LURA series are an integral part of the 2-way multi-amplified audio system designed and built by AudioLai .

These speakers are handcrafted in Italy with quality materials and with the utmost attention to detail.

The structure of the speakers is made of solid ash wood and the front panels in solid walnut or oak wood.
The solid wood used, to ensure maximum stability over time and have high rigidity, is made up of three layers perfectly glued together.
The 12-inch woofers are applied to the solid wood panel using the proprietary AudioLai PurOX system using 5mm thick stainless steel sheets to ensure maximum adhesion and vibration control even at low frequencies.

AudioLai Lura Duetto System

The DUETTO speakers were designed for the LURA system equipped with multi-amplification via AudioLai amplifiers and via a digital signal processor and a digital crossover, therefore they do not have any type of passive crossover on board.
This technology allows you to make the most of the qualities of the drivers mounted and to have maximum flexibility in adapting to any type of environment in which the system is mounted, starting from the frequency response, the temporal alignment of the drivers, the alignment of the phase and impulse management.
All this to make the listening experience unique in every environment.

For information do not hesitate to contact our staff by email:
or by phone or whatsapp: +39 379 1635323

The LURA QUINDICI speakers are composed of the following drivers:

  • 2 dipole-loaded 12-inch paper woofers (8ohm X 2)
  • 1 x 1.4 inch compression driver with 300mm diameter exponential horn (8ohm)

Diagram of the AudioLai multi-amplified system:

2-way multi-amplified system using AudioLai amplifiers and electronics.

Technical characteristics (measurements carried out in an environment at 1 meter distance at 90db):

  • Frequency response in room: 35Hz to 20kHz.
  • Linear phase response.
  • Harmonic distortion: 2nd and 3rd harmonics from 50Hz to 20kHz less than 0.5%.
  • Sensitivity: 103db/1watt.
  • Crossing frequency: 550Hz.

Control of frequency response, phase alignment, crossover frequencies, driver time alignment and impulse via digital signal processor (DSP) AudioLai IL DIGITAL with a sample rate of 32bit/384kHz, with 2 Analog processors Devices Floating point DSP SHARC ADSP21488 @ 400MHZ, with SNR of 125db. The system comes with 4 different types of presets to better adapt to any type of environment.

Furthermore, it is possible to request a customized calibration in your environment from an AudioLai technician, both remotely and on site.

The LURA DUETTO system is recommended for environments from 10m2 to 20m2.

Diffuser dimensions: L390mm, D500mm, H1145mm.

For information do not hesitate to contact our staff by email:
or by phone or whatsapp: +39 379 1635323

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Open Baffle with passion...

AudioLai speakers were born from the experience of the Lai brothers, these systems offer a three-dimensional and extremely detailed listening experience.