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AudioLai - Lura Series

LURA is our first range of high quality hi-fi systems.
These systems have been designed for clear and detailed listening, characterized by transparent, crystalline sound and without any distortion.

One of the main characteristics of these systems is the absence of a closed cabinet or bass reflex system.
During all our research and studies and with the experience gained through endless prototypes created over the years, we understood that the sound without a rear speaker is decidedly more natural.
But why are almost all speakers built in a closed box or with bass reflex? The answer is bass efficiency: a speaker placed in a cabinet can achieve much stronger bass with less power, but precision pays the highest price.
We have analyzed this loss of efficiency and created a digital compensation filter that does not lose sight of the original signal. The result obtained is basses that sound exactly like the real ones, for immediate response, depth and fidelity, without resonances or boomy effects.
The main difference for each of the models in our range is the amount of air each system can move into the low frequencies, the correct amount depends on the size and characteristics of your room or listening room.

Normally speakers live thanks to the work of amplifiers, which, by enhancing the smallest electrical audio signals, move the speaker cones. AudioLai systems include amplification in each system. While most older technology speakers require 2 channels of amplification (one for the left speaker and one for the right), each LURA system optimizes the power required for each driver type and the specific job it is doing. DUETTO for example has 4 amplifiers and QUINDICI has 6. This concept is known as “active driver” and is common in studio recording and concert pro audio systems where precision and control are key.

The LURA series speakers are equipped with high sensitivity and efficiency drivers, these characteristics allow a realistic listening result with surprising dynamics.
The exponential horns create immersive listening and three-dimensional stereophony that you can no longer do without.

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